What about the Olympics

As the Olympic year come to an end, we should all take an inspirational moment of the 2012 Olympics into the new year. For me personally, there have been some stand out moments of the 2012 Olympics and lets not forget the Paralympics.

We can all agree that no matter what country you’re from or live in, every athlete–able or disable have been an inspiration for us. But let’s not forget what the Olympics are all about.

Many people believe that the Games were created so that every country came come together and compete without having wars. I believe so as well, and many world sporting events are a good way for countries to live peacefully.

It’s a shame that while the Olympic Games are on, there’s still wars going on in the Middle East, Civil wars within the continent of Africa and general disagreement in countries. Anyway, hopefully this slowly changes in the near future but please don’t be ignorant to what is happening in the world and have ‘tunnel vision’ of your little world where you live. Don’t forget about those who are less privileged than you.

My inspirational moment of the 2012 Olympic Games:

Oscar Pistorius “Blade Runner” who competed in both the Olympics and Paralympics



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