Movie making (Windows Movie Maker)

Well soon I’ll be uploading some videos onto YouTube in the near future and so far I’ve come to a halt in the video editing process. Ok let’s be reasonable, I haven’t started editing my current video.

Apparently, my HD video camera creates .mov files and unfortunately for me Windows Movie Maker cannot edit this video format. So I did a bit of research, most of it on the Movie Maker Forum and I stumbled on a thread that should be treated like gold.

Basically the person who started the thread found a way to converted .mov files to .wmv files which are pretty handy. This method is completely free plus you retain your original recorded properties i.e. video size and sound. Before I found this thread, I downloaded AnyConverter and when I converted the videos, me videos went back to the stone age. I lost the HD resolution and the end product was pixelated. Two more downloaded converters that I won’t even mention (what a waste of my time) and my problem wasn’t solved. You either had good quality and no sound or sound and poor quality.

Ok, my frustration and anger is gone, I’ll reveal to you the free and easy way to convert your videos. If you have Windows 7 you will be familiar with Windows Live Movie Maker. This free program can open .mov video files. Here’s what you do:

  • Open the painful folder of .mov HD videos
  • Then open Windows Live Movie Maker
  • Now drag one document at a time (can’t stress this enough)
  • Ok click on the blue drop-down tab and click save movie
  • In this tab you have the option of saving in what ever video size you wish. Don’t forget to explore this window for different sizes i.e. 1080 x 980

    Have fun editing and if you have any questions leave a comment and I’ll hopefully have an answer for you.

    EarthPlus: I’ll be getting a GoPro soon so I can’t wait to upload those videos



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