Lets talk Physics – Speed of Light Relativity

Ok, where should I begin. Well the world of science is mind boggling in its own right. God did create an extraordinary universe and of course our own galaxy, The Milky  Way Galaxy. Yes I do believe in God and yes you can refer to me as a creationist yada yada yada. Anyway, that could be a future post, my navigating of the universe is a bit off course.

Lets move on to some background Physics. First the two most notable men in Physics, Albert Einstein and Galileo. We start off with Galileo and his relativity theory. Galileo posed a simple idea that you need another reference point to judge velocity. The frame of reference that describes space and time. But Einstein had other plans, he generalised the Galilean invariance. He released postulates that state that the laws of physics are the same and that the velocity of light is independent of the motion. This video breaks it down into simpler terms. It uses the train analogy as an example and I advice you to watch because the next paragraph will be based on the video.

Lets use that example to talk about the relative speed of light. And we’ll add onto that example twins, yep identical twins. So the theory of relativity suggests that at your reference or viewpoint, you will see an event slightly different, to what another person from a different viewpoint will see. Just like the lightning strikes in the video above, people started to think that when you travelled at the speed of light this also happened. That’s where this notion of the twin paradox comes from.

Now one twin travels to our nearest star at the speed of light which is a eight year return trip but for that lucky twin, on a spaceship so faraway into the future, the twin only experiences a 21 day trip. Yes the other twin is now eight years older than our space adventuring  twin and yes this is possible due to time dilation. You can while travelling at the speed of light live longer and at your reference point, you are still younger. So what does this mean for our twin paradox? Well it isn’t a paradox at all if this is possible.

If you think I’ve made a mistake or missed out important information leave a comment.


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