At life’s crossroads, boy life is hard somtimes

The schooling year for some is coming to an end soon and for most exiting High School students, they have to choose which path in life they want to take. I’m one of them and I have a hard decision to make in the next few days regarding what I want to do. If you take a step back and look at the decision that you will make, you will release that what ever decision you make, your decision will lead you down that path of life.

I’m sure what ever path I choose will be an exciting path because I have people who are guiding me to make the right decisions. I basically want to help change to world using my career or job. In reality, it’s hard to do so unless you are an influential person in the world. But if you do whatever you can to change the world, that is something that no one can ask for.Well I going for and Engineering degree but while I’m doing that degree I will be learning to fly. We’ll see what comes of it in the near future but first I have to wait to be accepted into university.

I was recently searching for New Empire on Google and came across (Salvation army) article about the Band and it contained a quote from one of the Band members:

“It’s always good to remember that when you face God he doesn’t remember what you wore or had in your life, but what you did with it.”    – Sam Walker

Like the picture above says, our destiny is determined at certain crossroads of life. Make sure you choose the right turn because there’s no turning back in life, only going forwards.

Until next time…..take care

Photo credit: A year of Wellness Blog, Moments with Mandi Blog


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