A month of childhood fun

I’m officially counting down to the end of my childhood. I have approximately a month and a bit before I am seen as an adult who has to work to support himself, to live my life as an adult, to pay bills and take out loans.

By: Donald Zolan

If most of you can remember or maybe you are still at school, can you remember your first high school day. Even more important can you remember the last day of the Year 12’s or Seniors. I do remember quite clearly and here in Australia, well in the wonderful state of Queensland, the Seniors finish their 12 years of schooling at 12.00pm.

The Seniors do their count down to 12.00pm then run off to their cars that are primed and ready for a school drive by. The drive by lasts for a good 10 minutes with police escort and the lower grades lined up along the school fence to see the spectacle. I remember being in the lower grade and thinking to myself, ‘I can’t wait until I do this myself’. Well boy I wish I didn’t have to rush life, especially my childhood.

There was a saying by my teachers that used to go around school every year, when the time came for the seniors to leave school. The teachers would say, ‘most students don’t want to leave school at the end of the year’. I didn’t believe them but when it was my turn, I realised what they meant.

There were two things that struck me last week:

  1. I will no longer be able to see my friends on a weekly basis and;
  2. this was it, there was no time of fun and games, no X-box 😦 with friends, no leniency for not doing homework or assignments;

this was the real world that I was stepping into.My message to younger people, don’t wish for life to fly past because you will regret missed opportunities that you didn’t take in life.

Well I have from now until January next year to enjoy the freedom of not worrying about school or work before I go to university. The joys of childhood, being energetic, nothing to worry about and always thinking about play time. Bring on the next month!

’til next time…..take care!


The Silence is Deafening

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