Nothing can beat an Aussie summer!

Alright….my objective for this post goes something like this:

The moment you finish reading the last sentence of this post, hopefully you will no longer have the desire to be indoors. You’ll probably stay away from cyber space for a while (two days max. for teens) and day-dream your lifelong holiday dream destination.

If you’re reading this from work, I’m sorry if I interrupted your work related thoughts and if your reading this from home, get out there and look for adventure!

Rottnest Island on a Aussie Summer

Rottnest Island during an Aussie Summer

Here’s how we do summer in Australia. First of all can I mention that summer is perfectly timed in Australia or on a bigger scale the southern hemisphere. If you have not yet experienced a hot, rainy (sometimes) Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, do yourselves a favour, come to Australia. Ditch the beanies and scarfs and run away from a miserable winters day.

On any random summers day you go for a swim at the beach, creek, lake, dam or a gorgeous waterhole at the foot of a waterfall. You stay near any body of water for as long as you can, all the while having sausages and steak on the barbie and a beer. You then go home to prepare the barbie for dinner during dusk on a hot summers day. You’d think it would cool down after it gets dark but the temperature is still in the high twenties.

That’s on a random summers day, on a scheduled summers day it goes something like this:

Wake up in the morning craving for a beer

Grab the esky, my mates and I are out the door, we’re gonna hit the cricket hard

Before we leave, grab the missus and another carton

‘Cause when Ponting’s in, we’re not going anywhere

I’m talking sunnies and straw hats

Singlets, shorts and thongs

Blowing up the beach ball

Singing our favourite tunes

Having a few more beers

Getting more and more rowdy

Crickets over, but it doesn’t stop

Back to my place

There’s a barbie there tonight

The party doesn’t stop ’cause there’s another day of cricket



And so that’s how you spend summer in Australia. Most days are sunny but then you have that dark cloud that makes the weather unbearable. The humidity, the horror it just makes you welcome that once in a while storm. But the sunset everyday makes the summer heat worth it. Well I hope your dream holiday has much action as an Aussie summer. I can tell you that its very humid here with a storm brewing at 10am so I’m going to wait it out then go for a swim hopefully at 3pm.

If you were given to opportunity to go anywhere, without worrying about the financial side of things, where would you go?


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