….Um, we have a bit o’ lag in 2013

A jolt of data travels through the circuits of CYBERSPACE and passes G.L at an intersection. 

BIRDS EYE VIEW ON: G.L as electrical data passes G.L

POV OF: G.L as he scans the endless cyberspace to hijack his next victim

                            (IN HIS HEAD)
            Hmmmmm...let me see who should I pick-on today??

G.L points at post reader

            You. Yes you. Have you been true to your New Years
            resolution? Aahaa? Can you still remember it? Are
            you living everyday this year abiding or trying to
            achieve this New Years resolution?

“Too much lag” By: MODDB

Yeah…those questions are a wake-up call if you take them seriously. I don’t do resolutions but I do have an idea of what I want to achieve this year. Just a fact for you; did you know that the new years resolution originated from religion where people reflected upon self-improvement annually?

My point is, whether you have a goal or not for the year, are you actually happy with what you have accomplished over the course of the year?

Well it’s the 8th day of February 2013 and I’ve just realised that I’m lagging behind in my goal of obtaining my Private Pilots License this year. I’ve got three 382 textbooks to read through and so far I’ve read 100 pages of my first text-book. Yep…3 textbooks, 4 exams and 35 hours of flying training and I’m not even a quarter of the way there yet. Yes I know the year is still young but lag some more and before you know it November comes knocking at your door.

You ask ‘why the rush?’ Well to be quite frank with you Life’s too short! And you don’t fly for your whole life because we all get old some day (but hopefully not too soon). Plus…(yes there’s a plus)…plus I’m going to university this year and yes it’s going to be a pain trying to squeeze flying into the schedule.

So, two things we learnt today:

  1. As the years go by are you happy and aware of what you have accomplished in life;
  2. And Life’s too Short! No Regrets!—so do everything and anything you can in your YOUTH or soon. For the people who are sitting there and saying what is he going on about youth, I’m too old for this. It’s NEVER too LATE  😛 . Take inspiration from people your age. If they can do that— so can you if you set your mind to it.

Why wait when you can do it now! By: Qoutes Lover

Remember: When you walk away from something, you must have no regrets. For then you know you have done everything you could have done.

P.S. Let me know if my movie scripting is alright


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