Heartbreak from high expectations

Ok so I bought a new GoPro Hero 3 yesterday and they told me to update the software before I can use features such as the wi-fi and remotely controlling your camera from your iPad or iPhone. So I unpacked my brand new GoPro and that was an adventure in itself. Then I went to the update page and watched their video showing how to update our camera software. GoPro video explained that the camera will turn off and on by itself and after a while the update will be finish.

GoPro Hero 3. Image by: Hurtle

So first I inserted the battery and SD card and pressed the Power/Mode button on my GoPro and…NO response. No response from a $400 camera, a brand new camera. I went online searching for quick solutions and came across a common fix that should always work.

GoPro soft Reset

  • Remove the battery and SD card
  • Press and hold the Shutter button and insert the battery (while inserting the battery keep holding the shutter button down)
  • Then, while still holding the shutter button, press the power button

No luck with this fix so I contacted GoPro and they came back a day later with the same solution. I decided to take the camera back to the retailer Camera House and they were kind enough to replace my GoPro with a new one.

Have you ever set high expectations on something or someone but then become disappointed because your expectations were not met? You may say that sometimes you need to set your expectations lower so you don’t become disapointed but for me, something worth $400 has to have high expectations. It may not be as expensive as a hollywood camera but it is a brand that is known for its ability to take breath -taking and extreme footage.

I sure had high expectations for GoPro but before yesterday I wasn’t aware of some of the problems that GoPro users faced with this powerful and light action camera. Some of the problems were freezing during recording or the camera stopped recording after 30 seconds. Some of these mishaps have made me somewhat paranoid with my new GoPro not working any time soon.

Nonetheless, hopefully I will start uploading the videos taken by my GoPro Hero 3 to Youtube then onto Earth’s Salvation. To frequent GoPro users, it would be lovely to hear some tips on how to keep the GoPro in good working condition.

Stay tuned for GoPro videos on Earth’s Salvation.

GoPro Ad for Earth's Salvation


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