Adding Aviation and Ambition to the list

C-152 Image by: Chris Atkins

In conjunction with uploading videos taken from my GoPro Hero 3, most of them will come from me flying 1000′ above different, interesting and amazing scenery.

I have a bit of catching up to do with my ‘story telling’ regarding my lessons before my first solo. I’m almost there, just one more exam and I’ll be able to do my first solo and I can’t wait.

So watch out for this category–Ambition to Fly–because there are some exciting posts to come in the following days.

I’m merging Ambition to Fly with Earth’s Salvation, so every aviation post will have the modified banner of Ambition to Fly above or where I feel like putting it. The Aviation category will also have it’s own page up ↑ there.

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Until next time…Take care 🙂ambition-to-fly-banner-earth-salvation


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