Earth from above

At some point in every kids life, when asked what they’d want to do, they would respond with travelling to space, to travel to Mars or the moon.

But nothing quite beats the spectacular view of Earth from the International Space Station. This magnificent planet shared by more the 7 billion people and 8 million species is nothing short of spectacular when viewed from above. Many people ask me why I love flying and I tell them that it gives you a perspective of how big this planet is, yet how small and insignificant it is compared to an infinite universe.

Watching the Overview video below and hearing Ron Garan say how fragile Earth looks from space, makes me realise how lucky we are to have a well-designed planet.

“…it really is striking and it’s really sobering to see this paper-thin layer and to realise that that little paper-thin layer is all that protects every living thing on Earth from death, basically. From the harshness of space.”

I don’t think people realy appreciate this world we live in, not with all the natural disaters and the changing climate. I wonder if the space station has ever capture gun fire in war torn countries. There’s probably no chance that people in those countries would, at the moment, think of Earth as a beautiful planet. But those fortunate enough to be able to experience what this wonderful world has to offer should enjoy every minute of it because there’s no place like home

And like Garan said, this truely is an oasis in an unforgiving, hostile universe.

Shuttle/ISS astronaut Ron Garan:

 “When we look down at the earth from space, we see this amazing, indescribably beautiful planet. It looks like a living, breathing organism. But it also, at the same time, looks extremely fragile…you see an oasis in the middle of space with a backdrop of infinity…”


from on Vimeo

I challenge you to go and see the natural wonders of tthis world, and I don’t mean the 7 wonders but anything that is breath taking and worthy of being on a bucket list. This is truely an amaing world and you have to experience it to appreciate the beauty of it.

What’s your best experience of Earth so far?

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