The day which we call Christmas

So quick question….any of you know the exact day of Jesus Christ’s birth? *crickets chirping*

I’ll leave you to ponder on that question and yes December 25th is very unlikely to be the day just as the 1st of January is unlikely to be the first day of the year according to the bible. This world is corrupt and the driving force behind this corruption is the devil.


When Christmas is mentioned and when it comes around, people say, “….it’s a time when we gather as a family and we give and share dinner or lunch or both dinner and lunch.” But you know what surprises me the most? Much emphasis is put on the occasion more than the reason. In other words we’re more focus on the day rather than the person. I mean when Christmas comes around, the up rising of the I-don’t-observe-pagan-days-I’m-more-righteous-because-I-observe-this-day-and-that-day persons is incredible.

To the christian who pretty much takes part in the practice of telling children that santa will be giving them presents if they behave I have only this to tell you…..Stop! Do you wish for your child to have eternal life or be lost between truth and darkness? See the way I see it is this way:

Santa comes around once a year and rewards you for being nice. Santa gives gifts of this world which only offer pleasure for a short burst of time.

My friends, there is no greater gift than the grace of God. If you really want to give a child a gift they’ll never forget, show them to the gift of God. Yes they might not appreciate it at the time but let God do the satisfying. God’s gift is forever enduring and it results in eternal life, no gift from “santa” to a child can match that. By all means, gift giving is acceptable because we admire and acknowledge the gift God has given us, but we should not shun God’s gift and place the spotlight on a character based on a dead saint.

Now to those would are skeptics about observing the 25th of December, let me point to you that it’s never about the day. “…Let not man make rules about what you eat drink or about holy days or the New Moon Festival or the Sabbath. All such things are only a shadow of things to come; the reality is Christ.” I could observe the birth of Jesus Christ on christmas eve or….or…the 5th of September for all I care.

The main thing is that whatever day it is, we should acknowledge that God came to this earth as flesh to redeem us and bring us to His eternal glory. We do not let pagan influences determine what we do, when we worship and who we worship.

If you serve the LIVING GOD, you should do away with the small pagan influences that you cling on to. After all isn’t that why God gave us the gift of grace? So we can be free from sin and have eternal life?

On a final note, the calendar is a controversial issue in Christianity isn’t it? I mean it has caused denominations to be formed, that’s how controversial it is. That’s why I believe we should heed Paul’s words in Colossians 2:16. It isn’t about a day, the reality is Christ and what goes on in your heart. Give me holy days to observe but if I don’t have Christ, nothing happens within my spirit. We should steer our minds and hearts away from days and toward the gift of God, Jesus Christ.

Greatest gift this Christmas is showing someone to eternal life


The Silence is Deafening

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