Anything for fame and riches

Normally I don’t buy into many of these videos but this one I recommend. A comprehensive video detailing satanism in Hollywood, American government etc. Basically big names with lots of fame. I felt sick just listening to this as two sources (not sure who they are) gave an account of what actually happens hidden from the lights and cameras.

Notable phrases in the video worth mentioning:

  • “20 million dollar club”
  • “blood sacrifices”
  • “child sacrifices”
  • ‘beastuality”
  • “blood drinking”
  • “sexual immorality”

And my favourite…

  • “elite poop eaters”

Just a warning about the video, there’s some graphic content being discussed in the video.


Illuminati Celebrity Satanism Exposed!! 2015 [Full Documentary]


The Silence is Deafening

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