• "Sing to the LORD, all the earth; proclaim his salvation day after day."

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A person can change within a year | Life’s lessons

Expectations, heartbreak, the highs, the lows, humbling experiences, most importantly….lessons learnt. As the year draws near to the end, these words describe my entire year so far. Its been a while since my last post…haha its been forever. I have a few good reasons and a few poor excuses. Poor excuses first; laziness. First lesson … Continue reading


I keep repenting…where’s the freedom that grace gives???

I’m not going to sit here rattling off thy righteous deeds I have done. Though if I were to, they would not be of my own will but of the Most Righteous One whom I know. Nothing I do will ever repay the debt I owe Him. All I can do is give Him all … Continue reading

Every three minutes…

Every three minutes, in the world’s back country, in some of the most remote and hostile places in the world an aircraft is taking off or landing. But not just any aircraft…Mission Aviation Fellowship. Every three minutes PS This is Top Gun’s goal. To be the true top gun, using the knowledge and wisdom given … Continue reading


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